Monday, June 25, 2012

Thirst not quenched..

I opened the newspaper today and the first thing that strikes me is not the presidential poll, or any of the other 'important' news, but the ongoing water crisis in Delhi. The headline read '40 surgeries put off due to water shortage in the city'. Have we reached that point already? Did we delay in paying heed to the numerous 'conserve water' advertisements?

The crisis deepens and the woes of the people increase, report various newspapers. They give a few reasons, one being the delay in monsoons. It all points to our activities that are adversely affecting nature and it's treasures. Water is but one of the issues. Think about it...

It is hard not to think about life without water when one reads about water shortage. It is scary.....
Since the time I began to understand the importance of the environment and water, I have tried my best not to waste water. But there have been times when I have wasted water, in the shower, washing clothes, etc. These were times that I took water for granted. I think most of us do. Let's be honest. It is time to stop ourselves, now. I am concerned about the way water is wasted across the country and in our own homes. Today, I have been extra careful. And will continue to be. Using just the required amount, switching off the tap while scrubbing my hands etc. And this is what we were taught in our Environment studies back n school. Just a little restraint and concern and we can conserve water. Another EVS class? Well, it is time. How long can we  choose to remain selfish, ignorant and insensitive??

Political parties are using this to up their own political agenda's, how superficial and unintelligent! (I just had to include this. I am always appalled by politicians and politics.) We can do better than that!

Please be kind to nature!


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