Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Regrets!

I was thinking about life in general the other day. I wondered if I had any regrets. Apparently, I did, One by one they kept toppling out of my mind, surprising me that I had so many!

What are regrets? And why do we give it so much importance? Why is it an unpleasant thing to have regrets.? Why do we have regrets?? 

On second thoughts, they weren't regrets I had, they were just some things that I Wish I had done.  But I am a happy person today, having not done those things. So do they really matter and should I be enslaved by terming them 'Regrets of my Life'?? And spend the rest of my life thinking 'How things could have been different or maybe better'?  Hell, NO! 

Sometimes, it's better not to delve into the intricacies of life. Just be true to the moment at hand! Life takes off from that moment on! So I choose not to have a category called REGRETS in my diary of life.

I do realise that this may sound selfish. What if I had hurt someone by doing something or not doing something? Maybe then I should live with the regrets? Not necessarily. I would make up, and do the best to make the hurt less. It is possible you know.

So, just tear the page away,try not mulling over regrets, Dream on and live it up!!

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