Monday, June 25, 2012

Thirst not quenched..

I opened the newspaper today and the first thing that strikes me is not the presidential poll, or any of the other 'important' news, but the ongoing water crisis in Delhi. The headline read '40 surgeries put off due to water shortage in the city'. Have we reached that point already? Did we delay in paying heed to the numerous 'conserve water' advertisements?

The crisis deepens and the woes of the people increase, report various newspapers. They give a few reasons, one being the delay in monsoons. It all points to our activities that are adversely affecting nature and it's treasures. Water is but one of the issues. Think about it...

It is hard not to think about life without water when one reads about water shortage. It is scary.....
Since the time I began to understand the importance of the environment and water, I have tried my best not to waste water. But there have been times when I have wasted water, in the shower, washing clothes, etc. These were times that I took water for granted. I think most of us do. Let's be honest. It is time to stop ourselves, now. I am concerned about the way water is wasted across the country and in our own homes. Today, I have been extra careful. And will continue to be. Using just the required amount, switching off the tap while scrubbing my hands etc. And this is what we were taught in our Environment studies back n school. Just a little restraint and concern and we can conserve water. Another EVS class? Well, it is time. How long can we  choose to remain selfish, ignorant and insensitive??

Political parties are using this to up their own political agenda's, how superficial and unintelligent! (I just had to include this. I am always appalled by politicians and politics.) We can do better than that!

Please be kind to nature!


Friday, June 22, 2012

iPhone Mania!

It is super cool! It looks hip and its a touchscreen! I am the new entrant to the iPhone community and I am loving it.

No, I did not buy it! My sister bought it for my father and since now my father has another phone it was lying in one shameful! I decided to use it. An iphone lying in one corner? NOT happening!

My mobile philosophy has been this: I need a basic mobile with which I can make calls and with a camera (to click pics on the go). Internet, games is not a necessity.

So I had a basic phone, then I got my sisters used 'colour' mobile with a sad camera, then I decided basic phone is better and bought one, then my sister gifted me another trending phone! So I progressed from the basic phone to a phone with cool features. Most of the time I used it as a basic phone..see my love for the basic phone..?!

Then the latest! I've never been a 'mobile' person, it is clear; but this time I surprise myself with the latest 'apps' on my phone, writing my blogs, playing games(is a necessity!) all on my new 'second hand' iPhone! I probably fooled myself into thinking that touchscreen is not so 'user friendly' (what if people have fat fingers, I used to wonder). Press that one magic button and you're ready to rock and roll! :D

With an iPhone in hand, my philosophy has taken a massive leap! I have become an admirer of the technology that goes behind such an inspiring phone! Made a mental note on reading up all about what makes the 'Smartphones', 'smart'!

Note: My preference for the basic phones keeps me grounded, I didn't go crazy when I realised that my phone has an older version of the iOS (I hope its the right term!) 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Regrets!

I was thinking about life in general the other day. I wondered if I had any regrets. Apparently, I did, One by one they kept toppling out of my mind, surprising me that I had so many!

What are regrets? And why do we give it so much importance? Why is it an unpleasant thing to have regrets.? Why do we have regrets?? 

On second thoughts, they weren't regrets I had, they were just some things that I Wish I had done.  But I am a happy person today, having not done those things. So do they really matter and should I be enslaved by terming them 'Regrets of my Life'?? And spend the rest of my life thinking 'How things could have been different or maybe better'?  Hell, NO! 

Sometimes, it's better not to delve into the intricacies of life. Just be true to the moment at hand! Life takes off from that moment on! So I choose not to have a category called REGRETS in my diary of life.

I do realise that this may sound selfish. What if I had hurt someone by doing something or not doing something? Maybe then I should live with the regrets? Not necessarily. I would make up, and do the best to make the hurt less. It is possible you know.

So, just tear the page away,try not mulling over regrets, Dream on and live it up!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surprise Ingredient!

What happens when you haven't been socialising much..lets make that not at all and your closest friend decides to come from another city and surprises you on your birthday..???
You scream in surprise with your hands on your if your name has just been announced for 'Miss World'!!
It all started with Tree(the friend, not her real name) telling me she won't be able to make it for my birthday and that she would be coming a week later. I was disappointed. So on my birthday,Ma and I decided we would go to a mall, shop and dine. I told my other friends that we'll have my 'birthday party' when Tree arrives, the next week. So, ma and I shopped for each other and 'hung out' at the mall (strains of Robin's ( How I met your mother)'Lets go to the mall' playing in my head now..weird). As we were leaving, Mukuta (my other close friend) called and said that she was close by and that she would meet me. Wow, this is a nice surprise I thought! So we met, hugged, chattered and then I got a call from Chotu ( not his real name..), saying Tree wanted him to give me a gift so he was on his way to the mall, reaching in 5 minutes. Umm..that was quick I thought. And stopped at that. Only if  I had thought a little more I would've known..anyway going on. So Chotu arrives in some time, while ma, Mukuta , her husband and I were chatting. We walk towards his car. He is smiling away. I see a yellow thing move inside his car. An Lo..'I just got crowned Miss World reaction'!! Wait was Tree wearing a yellow waistcoat( sigh..she never goes wrong with style!). 
It feels good to be surprised!! I think we should all try and surprise someone special once in a while..make them feel more special and see how their eyes light up!!

So I was happity happ! Putting two and two together..So thats why Ila (yet another of my close friends !) from Banglore had called, she told them that I was leaving the mall. Ila, you tiny little informer! :D  So I was stupid enough not to have guessed!! But if I had, it wouldn't have been the surprise that it was!! I wouldn't have felt like 'Miss World'...! I let myself be surprised. And these guys wouldn't have had the pleasure of surprising me..C'mon...admit it Mukuta and Tree! ;) 
A superb day spent with super friends! What I would do without u guys!! Love you all so much!

Incase you're wondering, We went for dinner, after dropping ma home (she couldn't say no after the surprise they had given !)

That's not all..there's a party over the weekend! (Yeah for me it's a big deal! It's been sometime now..)


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A good learner..

5th day at the pool! And I have started doing 'breadths'*! Yippeee!

After kicking a few people in the head and legs(thankfully I haven't been kicked yet! woohooo!), a few more gulps of pool water( don't even want to think of the composition) and an attempt to 'not drown' I think i have done pretty well. Pat on the back. :)
Encouraging words from my I'm good!
So, today I was overenthusiastic about things. I thought..The pool is my oyster! Near the walls but at a more deeper end of the shallow end I did my usual maneuvers and decided I will leave both my hands and swim. Slowly I left both hands..ok going good..ok...wait where's the wall.. and whooossshhh...flap flap flap, paddle paddle,I need air, Heellp!! Caught on to the nearest thing I could get hold of..I think I scared some poor aunty who probably was thinking about how much weight she has lost since she started swimming. Oops..sorry ma'am I bubbled. Thankfully I couldnt see her face or expression(which I guess must be of shock). I couldnt see because I was without my glasses. Yes, I am Myopic.
Wait, now I am wondering why am I even writing about my embarrassments here..??  Well, it's just one of those times when nothing seems to matter that much and this is a blog where I can write about anything I want to! Oh and it feels so good to write...a cheaper alternative to narrating my little adventures to a friend over the phone..!

Anyway, after that I simmered my enthusiasm and continued doing 'breadths'...

So, what's next?? Bring it on!

 * Terms and Conditions apply ( I think Im just going to leave it at that..I cant reveal everything here!)

Friday, June 8, 2012


'Have you ever watched the sun rise?" I heard my dad's voice emerge through my dream. 'Huh...yeah' I sleepily replied. Later that day: 'How many Sunrises have you seen in your 26 years?' Asked my dad. I though about it. 'Four' I said proudly. 'Ok so u can actually count the number of times you've watched the sunrise, I don't remember how many I have seen" he replied with subtle sarcasm. I was embarrassed!

I love my sleep and it is very rarely that I wake up early in the morning, missing the sunrise ( which is at around 5 in the morning in Delhi and at about 4 am in Imphal; I wake up at 8:30-9:00). After the conversation with my father I sat down and thought about the sunrises I have seen. They were beautiful. The coolness of the morning, the orangish glow on the horizon and then the sun slowly peeping out from behind the hills radiating a heavenly light and  a sparkle I have seen only in pictures. Sublime...the sight instilled me with peace.

Why am I missing out on such a wonderful and heavenly show of nature?  I claim that I love the sights and sounds of the earth and skies and here I am missing out on the phenomenon that begins our day, dispels the darkness of the nights and illuminates the other beauties of earth!

Waking up early for my swimming classes, I have had the chance to witness the sunrise. I am left marveling at this inspiring beauty....

The count begins...or have I lost count already...? 

Sunrise at Gokarna( one of the few...) 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Special!

I have never really been afraid of water..or atleast I thought so until I decided I would learn swimming. This was way 2000, 12 long years back. I am not going to go into the details of my embarrassing stint (read 2 hours) in the pool. But I will mention that I never went back into the pool ever again!! I did try when I finished school. Can I just leave it at 'tried'....I did.
Today, 5th June 2012, I went into the pool. I am learning to swim. At the age of 26 (will be 26 in a few days!). Period. And that is the 'new' thing I did today (mentioned in the previous case you read it). Why did I want to learn yet again..? With a plummeting social life, work pressures( really..??!) and an empty mind I decided to take on my fear of swimming. Arousal theory of Motivation at work. And I gained confidence out of the blue...

Confidence surprises me. Just one randomly fine day I gained the confidence to drive a car and a two wheeler(on separate occasions..not on the same day). Some other fine day I decided I could dance on stage. And the latest..I knew I could swim, on some sunny May morning. It just comes to me..this Confidence and tells me 'You know its time to swim!' I wasn't preparing myself mentally, or reading motivational literature or some jazz like that. It crept inside me and is making me do something I was scared of. What if i drown!! Should I really trust this Confidence fellow...??

No point, it followed me into the swimming pool. I was a little intimidated by the size of it, the clear blue inviting colour, the diving board and little kids, and I mean really tiny kids splashing about and enjoying themselves! I got in, and felt the water lift me a bit, wobbly, I went to the sides and started my bubbling practice. Soon I was afloat, flapping my legs, of course with the support of the walls. Practiced for an hour, trying out ways to do it better everytime. I sucked in pool water, I breathed in water, and i panicked when accidentally my fingers lost grip of the wall. I splashed about..calling out 'mama'! Embarrassed i looked around. One lady was watching me suspiciously. Anyway, I dont think people think i'm 26. The coach also mentioned something like ' soon the pool will be closed to children after 7 pm, but don't worry we'll do something'. Atleast for now, I really don't mind passing off in the 'childrens' category, my 'mama' only must have strengthened their belief. Good.

I am now learning to move my arms, and I am slowly moving away from the wall!

Lesson learnt: It is never too late to learn anything! And I never thought I'd be saying that.