Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I just created a blog sitting at my work table! And I wouldn't blame you if you think I am absolutely jobless! I am right now! But before you think I am indeed jobless I'd like to tell you a bit about my work. I'm working in what is called a Non Government Organisation. I am busy two and a half months of every quarter! That's what I have realised having worked here for well over two quarters. Im hoping to get busy in the next couple of days. I like my work!
So, I have some free time in hand and I was itching to start something new. Just beginning a new thing is joyful. Its a tried and tested formula of life! And this is just the second 'new' thing I have started today!! Double joy! ;)
My next post is about the first new thing I started today..!
Though 'A new Beginning' might seem like the theme of this blog..It is not. It will be Life as I live it! And I am an average girl(?)..a woman(?)..ok lets just go with ..I am an average 26 year old trying to figure out life and having fun while doing so!


P.S: While I was typing..I got some work! That will keep me busy for a while now :)


  1. I love the title, fresh!..like my morning cup of tea!!

    1. Thanks Che! do read my entry in Memory's Eye titled A February Wedding..It's for you!! ;)