Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surprise Ingredient!

What happens when you haven't been socialising much..lets make that not at all and your closest friend decides to come from another city and surprises you on your birthday..???
You scream in surprise with your hands on your if your name has just been announced for 'Miss World'!!
It all started with Tree(the friend, not her real name) telling me she won't be able to make it for my birthday and that she would be coming a week later. I was disappointed. So on my birthday,Ma and I decided we would go to a mall, shop and dine. I told my other friends that we'll have my 'birthday party' when Tree arrives, the next week. So, ma and I shopped for each other and 'hung out' at the mall (strains of Robin's ( How I met your mother)'Lets go to the mall' playing in my head now..weird). As we were leaving, Mukuta (my other close friend) called and said that she was close by and that she would meet me. Wow, this is a nice surprise I thought! So we met, hugged, chattered and then I got a call from Chotu ( not his real name..), saying Tree wanted him to give me a gift so he was on his way to the mall, reaching in 5 minutes. Umm..that was quick I thought. And stopped at that. Only if  I had thought a little more I would've known..anyway going on. So Chotu arrives in some time, while ma, Mukuta , her husband and I were chatting. We walk towards his car. He is smiling away. I see a yellow thing move inside his car. An Lo..'I just got crowned Miss World reaction'!! Wait was Tree wearing a yellow waistcoat( sigh..she never goes wrong with style!). 
It feels good to be surprised!! I think we should all try and surprise someone special once in a while..make them feel more special and see how their eyes light up!!

So I was happity happ! Putting two and two together..So thats why Ila (yet another of my close friends !) from Banglore had called, she told them that I was leaving the mall. Ila, you tiny little informer! :D  So I was stupid enough not to have guessed!! But if I had, it wouldn't have been the surprise that it was!! I wouldn't have felt like 'Miss World'...! I let myself be surprised. And these guys wouldn't have had the pleasure of surprising me..C'mon...admit it Mukuta and Tree! ;) 
A superb day spent with super friends! What I would do without u guys!! Love you all so much!

Incase you're wondering, We went for dinner, after dropping ma home (she couldn't say no after the surprise they had given !)

That's not all..there's a party over the weekend! (Yeah for me it's a big deal! It's been sometime now..)


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  1. it was so much fun to surprise you,, you were the perfect one,, :)