Sunday, June 10, 2012

A good learner..

5th day at the pool! And I have started doing 'breadths'*! Yippeee!

After kicking a few people in the head and legs(thankfully I haven't been kicked yet! woohooo!), a few more gulps of pool water( don't even want to think of the composition) and an attempt to 'not drown' I think i have done pretty well. Pat on the back. :)
Encouraging words from my I'm good!
So, today I was overenthusiastic about things. I thought..The pool is my oyster! Near the walls but at a more deeper end of the shallow end I did my usual maneuvers and decided I will leave both my hands and swim. Slowly I left both hands..ok going good..ok...wait where's the wall.. and whooossshhh...flap flap flap, paddle paddle,I need air, Heellp!! Caught on to the nearest thing I could get hold of..I think I scared some poor aunty who probably was thinking about how much weight she has lost since she started swimming. Oops..sorry ma'am I bubbled. Thankfully I couldnt see her face or expression(which I guess must be of shock). I couldnt see because I was without my glasses. Yes, I am Myopic.
Wait, now I am wondering why am I even writing about my embarrassments here..??  Well, it's just one of those times when nothing seems to matter that much and this is a blog where I can write about anything I want to! Oh and it feels so good to write...a cheaper alternative to narrating my little adventures to a friend over the phone..!

Anyway, after that I simmered my enthusiasm and continued doing 'breadths'...

So, what's next?? Bring it on!

 * Terms and Conditions apply ( I think Im just going to leave it at that..I cant reveal everything here!)

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