Friday, June 8, 2012


'Have you ever watched the sun rise?" I heard my dad's voice emerge through my dream. 'Huh...yeah' I sleepily replied. Later that day: 'How many Sunrises have you seen in your 26 years?' Asked my dad. I though about it. 'Four' I said proudly. 'Ok so u can actually count the number of times you've watched the sunrise, I don't remember how many I have seen" he replied with subtle sarcasm. I was embarrassed!

I love my sleep and it is very rarely that I wake up early in the morning, missing the sunrise ( which is at around 5 in the morning in Delhi and at about 4 am in Imphal; I wake up at 8:30-9:00). After the conversation with my father I sat down and thought about the sunrises I have seen. They were beautiful. The coolness of the morning, the orangish glow on the horizon and then the sun slowly peeping out from behind the hills radiating a heavenly light and  a sparkle I have seen only in pictures. Sublime...the sight instilled me with peace.

Why am I missing out on such a wonderful and heavenly show of nature?  I claim that I love the sights and sounds of the earth and skies and here I am missing out on the phenomenon that begins our day, dispels the darkness of the nights and illuminates the other beauties of earth!

Waking up early for my swimming classes, I have had the chance to witness the sunrise. I am left marveling at this inspiring beauty....

The count begins...or have I lost count already...? 

Sunrise at Gokarna( one of the few...) 


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    1. Hi Alena,
      Thank you..I really appreciate you leaving a comment here. I hope you will keep visiting my blog and leave your feedback.