Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Special!

I have never really been afraid of water..or atleast I thought so until I decided I would learn swimming. This was way 2000, 12 long years back. I am not going to go into the details of my embarrassing stint (read 2 hours) in the pool. But I will mention that I never went back into the pool ever again!! I did try when I finished school. Can I just leave it at 'tried'....I did.
Today, 5th June 2012, I went into the pool. I am learning to swim. At the age of 26 (will be 26 in a few days!). Period. And that is the 'new' thing I did today (mentioned in the previous case you read it). Why did I want to learn yet again..? With a plummeting social life, work pressures( really..??!) and an empty mind I decided to take on my fear of swimming. Arousal theory of Motivation at work. And I gained confidence out of the blue...

Confidence surprises me. Just one randomly fine day I gained the confidence to drive a car and a two wheeler(on separate occasions..not on the same day). Some other fine day I decided I could dance on stage. And the latest..I knew I could swim, on some sunny May morning. It just comes to me..this Confidence and tells me 'You know its time to swim!' I wasn't preparing myself mentally, or reading motivational literature or some jazz like that. It crept inside me and is making me do something I was scared of. What if i drown!! Should I really trust this Confidence fellow...??

No point, it followed me into the swimming pool. I was a little intimidated by the size of it, the clear blue inviting colour, the diving board and little kids, and I mean really tiny kids splashing about and enjoying themselves! I got in, and felt the water lift me a bit, wobbly, I went to the sides and started my bubbling practice. Soon I was afloat, flapping my legs, of course with the support of the walls. Practiced for an hour, trying out ways to do it better everytime. I sucked in pool water, I breathed in water, and i panicked when accidentally my fingers lost grip of the wall. I splashed about..calling out 'mama'! Embarrassed i looked around. One lady was watching me suspiciously. Anyway, I dont think people think i'm 26. The coach also mentioned something like ' soon the pool will be closed to children after 7 pm, but don't worry we'll do something'. Atleast for now, I really don't mind passing off in the 'childrens' category, my 'mama' only must have strengthened their belief. Good.

I am now learning to move my arms, and I am slowly moving away from the wall!

Lesson learnt: It is never too late to learn anything! And I never thought I'd be saying that. 


  1. Kudos to the new learner!! enjoyed reading every bit of it! xoxo

    1. Thanks babe..getting up at 5 am everyday for this! :P